❝ Salutations. My name is N. Not too long ago, I strongly believed I was the chosen hero of Unova who would change the way things were for the sake of my beloved friends: Pokémon. Granted, I wasn't the hero I thought I would be. But only time will tell if all of my efforts were for the best. ❞

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A quick cursory look revealed that no one else had cared to respond to the man’s inquiry.


Before the silence settled back down, he decided to speak up, “It seems to be a challenge of sorts, one that calls for testing people’s limits. The situations that ravage our day-to-day lives place so much stress upon our emotional capacities. —doesn’t it seem like they’re trying to break us?”

Pupils fixated on the boy who chose to respond, examining the individual’s disposition without so much as to speak a single word.

His own silence would soon fade as monochromatic, deadpan refrain escaped pursed lips, pondering aloud.


❝ Mm, that could very well be the case, although I have a feeling that they are conditioning us for a greater purpose. If they simply wished to push the civilians to their breaking limits, they have already achieved that purpose. Which brings me to my next question … 

If that were the true reason, why are we still here? ❞

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❝ Oftentimes I ponder what the ‘true’ meaning of this social experiment is … ❞


Thinking aloud, the enigmatic male turns to the nearest individual, posing a question.

❝ What are your theories?❞